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Thank you for visiting HeartSong Photography.  Please leave me a note if you enjoyed your visit.  I would really appreciate hearing from you. ~Cora

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Question   Enjoyment
Hi Cora,

I really enjoyed your gallery. You have some wonderful images!

-  May 09, 2007

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Question   Wowzer image on your welcome page!
Hey Cora,

Brenda told me the two of you spent some time shooting in Acadia, so I thought I'd visit your website. Your front page image is incredible!! Glad I stopped by!

Fantastic. Simply fantastic.

- Francis Cailles January 13, 2007

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Question   Your work!
Hello Cora, I saw a comment you made in a gallery on BetterPhoto, followed it to your gallery there and then to your website. Your work is inspiring, and the information you give about how you learned is very helpful to budding photographers like me. I've really enjoyed viewing your wonderful photographs!

- Colleen Farrell November 28, 2006

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Question   New stuff
Hey Cora! Glad to see more of your Maine images. Some of them look amazingly familiar. I must keep very good company. Great job....I still think you're really good :)

Hope your Thanksgiving was blessed.


- Brenda W. LaFleur November 26, 2006

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Question   Thanks
Hey Cora,
Your friend (and my teacher), Pam, told me about your website. All I can say---after looking at every slide show---is: "I'm inspired"! Thanks for sharing your beautiful images.

-  September 18, 2006

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Question   Christian Group on Better Photos
Hi Cora,

I am getting together a group of Christian photographers who are on Better Photo.com and noticed comments on your site that make me think you might be interested in joining us. I don't know yet what we will do/communicate, etc but if you have ideas, let me know.



- AMALIA Veralli April 20, 2006

  Answer Cora,
I find your work to be very inspirational. I would also be interested in joining your christian photographers who are on betterphoto.com
Eric Reese

-  November 20, 2006

  Answer Thank you, Eric. What a wonderful compliment. I'm so pleased you found inspiration here. And I'll contact you directly about the group. ~ Cora

- Cora Miller  November 20, 2006

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Question   Very nice
Love your work! :-)

- Damian P. Gadal March 22, 2006

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Question   Wonderful Site
Hi Cora,

Have you turned pro? If so, all I can say is -- it's about time!

Great site to showcase your fanta-bulous images..love the name, and very appropriate for the type of images you have...there are lots of pretty photos out there, but very few are as meaningful and touch the viewer's soul as yours do.

Now don't you forget about us little folks, okie-dokie.

- Francis Cailles February 23, 2006

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Question   Congrats!
Hey, Cora! I love your new site. I just started setting mine up but you're way ahead of me! You're really good, you know :)

- Brenda W. LaFleur February 04, 2006

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Question   about the website
HI Cora, Your new website is great. Wil put it in my favorites along with the betterphotos. You are so talented. To be able to see the beauty is a gift to you but to be able to capture that beauty in a photo is a gift to all who view them.

-  January 27, 2006

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Question   Congratulations!
Congratulations, Cora! Your online gallery is an exceptional way to showcase your talent and fine art photography. I enjoyed perusing your galleries and slideshows! Your work is second to none, and I'm so pleased to have the opportunity to see everything in one place! I look forward to visiting often, and I wish you the best with your outstanding work!
Kindest regards,
~ Deb

- Deborah Sandidge January 17, 2006

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Question   Congrats
Congratulations on your Deluxe Web site. It's great to see your images I enjoy in one place. Now, I do not have to hunt for them at Betterphoto.

I will be back, view, and enjoy your images I have enjoyed in the past, and also, look forward to your new ones.

(...personally, I was pleasantly surprised to see your NEW Deluxe web site. I just accidentaly noticed it when I was viewing your new post in your premium gallery.)

-  January 16, 2006

  Answer ...why my name did now show in my message?...
hmmm, it was Nobi...
- Nobi

-  January 17, 2006

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